Training is simply the best investment you can make in your relationship with your dog

Our unique approach to training coupled with a special connection with dogs delivers real results.  

We press the reset button on your dog and provide you with the tool kits you need for staying on track to change bad mannered dogs into well-behaved pets.

We enjoy teaching high levels of play and engagement, as well as building strong behavioral foundations in dogs of all ages. We also recognize that not all dogs have the same level of motivation, so every dog/handler team deserves an individual training program.  The total end result is a better equipped dog parent with the best version of their dog. 

Our mission is to facilitate the best relationship between you and your dog.


We pride ourselves in preventing the behavioral issues that are causing dogs to become anxious, fearful, aggressive, and ultimately being sent to shelters.


We teach you how to keep your dogs physically and mentally fulfilled through a balance of exercise, discipline, and affection while teaching you the obedience and structure you need to succeed in your daily lives together. 


Our balanced approach to dog training has never failed when our clients put in the necessary effort and work. 



Our sessions will achieve in a few hours what may take other trainers months.