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Santa Monica Dog Trainer Nathalie Schlemer

Hi! I'm Nathalie, an experienced and passionate Santa Monica Dog Trainer, and AKC Certified Evaluator. I specialize in obedience training and puppy training. I help train a mentally healthy, happy, relaxed, and stable dog.

My approach to dog training works through various methods including behavioral modification. I teach dogs through crate training, leash training, dog socialization, separation anxiety training and more.


I am located in the Sunset Park District of Santa Monica and love working with Santa Monica Dogs. I work with all breeds of dogs in the 90401, 90402, 90403, 90404, and 90405 zip codes in Santa Monica.

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Dog Obedience Training Objectives

These are the top concerns dog owners have when it comes to obedience training their pups:

  • How to obedience train your dog

  • How to get your puppy and dog to live on your schedule

  • How to stop dogs destructive behavior

  • How to housebreak your dog

  • How to leash train a dog

  • How to train a puppy to walk on a leash

  • How to stop a dog from barking

  • How to stop dogs from chewing things

  • How to control a dog's teething behavior

  • How to fix resource guarding in dogs

  • How to stop a dog from jumping

  • How to stop counter surfing

  • How to stop aggression in dogs

  • How to fix separation anxiety in dogs

  • How to train a dog to be good with kids, newborns and other pets

Border Collie dog training at Santa Monica Pier

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Balanced Obedience Training Programs


I communicate with your dog on their terms so we are able to effectively obedience train them.

I incorporate methods and techniques from each quadrant of dog learning theory. And I correct behavior through positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment.

A few decades ago, training methods involved mainly the use of punishments and force. Dogs were motivated to listen by avoiding discomfort, stress and sometimes even pain. More recently, trainers shifted towards more glamorized and idealized positive-only methods. These did not always yield results in the real world as not everything is accomplished using positive (reward) based techniques.

Behavior Modification Dog Training

Using the most appropriate and proven methods of learnings adapted to your dog, I teach basic and advanced skills to make sure your dog fully comprehends what is being asked of him reliably with each command.


Behavior Modification Training for Dogs is achieved through clear communication and reinforcement feedback.  I am able to suppress unwanted behavior such as barking, counter surfing, jumping, biting, niping, reactivity and aggressively.


Behavior is modified through various channels:

  • Dog training for dog owners

  • Innovative uses of canine psychology

  • Hands-on application of training techniques

  • Dog socialization training


Self-Confidence for Dogs

Last, but not least, I integrate self-confidence boosting activities through various physical and mental exercices. A dog with high self-esteem is emotionally stable and less likely to have behavioral issues. They know perfectly well what they are allowed to do and what to avoid.

They also know how to inform their owners about their needs and how to communicate with people and other dogs.

Why Our Dog Training Works

I teach you how to keep your dog physically and mentally fulfilled. Through a balance of exercise, discipline, and affection, you will gain the obedience, structure, and happiness to succeed in your daily lives together. 

Our approach to dog training has never failed when our clients put in the necessary effort and work. Our sessions achieve in a few hours what may take you months.

No wonder clients call me the "Puppy Whisperer" 

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