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Dog Training with Border Collie in Los Angeles


Wherever you are in your dog training journey, we are here to help you navigate each and every challenge. Our mission is to facilitate a relationship based on trust and respect between you and your dog. We offer a variety of services including private dog training sessions, group classes, and board and train programs.  

What are your dog Problems? 

We're here to help you! 

  • How to obedience train your dog

  • How to get your puppy and dog to live on your schedule

  • How to stop dogs destructive behavior

  • How to housebreak your dog

  • How to leash train a dog

  • How to train a puppy to walk on a leash

  • How to stop a dog from barking

  • How to stop dogs from chewing things

  • How to control a dog's teething behavior

  • How to fix resource guarding in dogs

  • How to stop a dog from jumping

  • How to stop counter surfing

  • How to stop aggression in dogs

  • How to fix separation anxiety in dogs

  • How to train a dog to be good with kids, newborns and other pets

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Whether your pet has troubles in the house, at the park, or socializing with other animals, our services cover the A to Z of dog ownership. We invite you to browse our services in order to choose the best option for you and your pet. 

What Clients Say About Us



Nathalie has been working with our Goldendoodle puppy Nelly for three weeks now and his behavior has improved so much. His leash pulling which was a major concern has already seen so much progress...Highly recommend puppy training with Nathalie!

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We had a great experience with Nathalie! She's super professional and knowledgeable (and patient) and taught our little puppy and us many valuable things...We're super grateful for Nathalie and would recommend her services to anyone.



Nathalie is a wonderful trainer (and sitter) with a ton of knowledge and a genuine love and passion for all pooches.  She's patient and consistent and works off of a positive reinforcement system with a natural command. I absolutely trust her with my little Jake!

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