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Training Process

We use a combination of methods to effectively train your dog. We apply Behavior Modification strategies, which is the use of communication and reinforcement feedback to suppress unwanted behavior. These typically include: barking, counter surfing, jumping, biting, nipping, reactivity and aggression.

I use behavior modification training to teach dogs to adapt to contemporary domestic life. Here are the steps used and how it works. 

1. Assessment

What I do is observe how your dog reacts in different scenarios. If your dog pulls and lunges on the leash when they see another dog, this behavior can be modified. Your dog will become obedient and respect you more as a leader. Responsible dog owners demonstrate leadership for their dogs. 

Dogs that jump on people can have this behavior adjusted. This way they won't steal affection, uninvited. This behavior can be dangerous to older people and children who may not be as stable on their feet. Nobody wants their dog to put grandma in the hospital.

3. Recreating Scenarios

Dogs that bark incessantly are challenging for owners and neighbors. Dogs often bark because they are unable to self comfort. They are bored or there is a lack of leadership in the house. Behavior modification training involves restricting access to areas that trigger barking. I help dog owners to teach their dogs to stay at home by themselves without barking. 

Dog owners who raise puppies during the lockdown may be struggling to help their dogs work through separation anxiety now that things are opening up again. I have many clients who want to leave their dogs at home and go out to dinner without having to get a dog sitter. Through crate training and behavior modification training I help my clients get their lives back.

2. Introducing Alternate Behavior

It's great to teach your dog to sit, stay and come. I do that too. 
But more importantly, I recreate the scenarios that elicit problem behaviors so we can modify your dog's behavior in those situations.
The truth is, I don't just train the dog. I teach the owner too. Because problem behavior is most often the result of a co-dependent relationship between the dog and the owner. 

If every time your dog jumps up to greet you, you reward and praise them with attention. You are teaching them that this is acceptable behavior. Many dog owners aren't aware of this. Naturally, they love their dogs, and want to pet and love them. In doing so, they send the wrong signal to their dog and reinforce their unwanted behavior.

Recreating the scenario where the dog jumps on people and addressing it is one key to behavior modification in dog training. I can help you figure this out with your dog to condition their behavior.

4. Reward and Praise

Many dog owners have dogs who try to dash out the door very time they go for a walk. This behavior is challenging because if the dog runs out the door before you are able to put their leash on, they can hurt themselves or others. 

Through behavior modification training, I teach dogs the actions they need to demonstrate prior to going on a walk. These training tactics can be as simple as standing by as soon as our communication begins. I then use the communication as a basis to teach more complex communication.

This way, they can show their owners they are ready to walk politely. 
By rewarding and praising your dog when they sit obediently and wait for your command to walk out the door, even though the door is already opened, I help modify your dog's behavior. 

Why It Works

Our unique approach to training coupled with a special connection with dogs delivers real results.  

We press the reset button on your dog and provide you with the tool kits you need for staying on track to change bad mannered dogs into well-behaved pets.

We enjoy teaching high levels of play and engagement, as well as building strong behavioral foundations in dogs of all ages. We also recognize that not all dogs have the same level of motivation, so every dog/handler team deserves an individual training program. 


The total end result is a better equipped dog parent with the best version of their dog. 

Our mission is to facilitate the best relationship between you and your dog.

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