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How to Socialize My Under Vaccinated Puppy ?

There is an important socialization window which closes at 16 weeks and is when puppies learn many of their social skills.

We want your puppies to be kept safe from communicable diseases before they are fully vaccinated , typically under 16-18 weeks, but it is equally as critical that they get exposed to new people, dogs, smells, sounds and textures during this short window.

Having your puppy go along with you to safe places - trusted family and friend’s where you know their dogs are healthy and fully vaccinated is a good compromise between keeping your puppy away from potential illnesses and allowing them to experience new things to help them develop into confident, well adjusted adults.

Taking them along in a back pack or for car rides and having positive experiences is super important. Just make sure to stay them away from places that carry high risks for Parvo, Lepto and other illnesses: steer clear of dog parks, pet stores, sidewalks, grassy areas with wild life and other dogs. Puppies lick their paws and they can pick diseases from other sick pets.

Don’t let your puppy miss out on fun new experiences, but just be careful about how and where you do it.

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